How to Ask for an Advice?

how to ask for an Advice?

#What do you suggest?

#What Should I do?

#What’s your advice?

#What do you think I should do?

#What would you do if you were me?

#What would you do if you were in my shoes?

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English is a demand for a prosperous career

why English is must for Career?

As we all aware, English is the only medium of a language which makes a connection between people across the country. English was first imparted by British people in most parts of the world where they ruled many years ago. In reality, they gave a common language to the world. Understanding mutual language is very important. Enhanced language skills are very important to get into a job.

The requirement of English languages in any field is increasing day by day. In today’s era, English is the most used medium of communication that cannot be overlooked. Therefore, it is important to learn English for commuting which helps in various factors like exploring new opportunities across the world and making connections with different people.

English language requirement is increasing due to the following reasons:


Proper language skills are very important for getting a good job at the present time. English is reputed for professionalism and intelligence. It is a fundamental part of any organization. English helps in creating networks for jobs all over the world. English communication is a must whether it is content writing or as international call center executive. Without English, it would be difficult for anyone to communicate effectively.


Today, the English language is used by many international companies as a common language of business to communicate. To get success in business one must have good command over the language. English is the only language which is used in communicating between people of different countries and It is must to know English to grow the business at an international level.


Career can be damaged easily due to miscommunication in any field. When someone does not know correct English or the vocabulary used is not proper there is a chance that it might spoil one’s reputation in business growth or job opportunities. 


If you are into the sales department of any company then it will be very easy for you to convince people of different languages with your fluency in English about your product. You will need to make people understand clearly by ensuring that you use proper English in giving your point of view. English is the main component on the internet as well.


1Point Solutions will make you understand the importance of the English language more clearly and minutely. We want you to become aware that the importance of English goes beyond the workplace and into every phase of life. If you want to see and feel how fluency in English can change your life so come and visit 1Point Solutions OR CALL NOW to begin your successful and wonderful journey of life.

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Learning English language is the smartest investment

Learning English Language in Gurugram

Learning a language is like learning a dance form. It is much easier when you start at an early age.
But it does not mean that you can’t start late but learning a language or dancing or playing golf becomes easier when you are building that muscle memory from a younger age.

English is a global language and it is termed as a window on the world. This language will never leave you hungry or unemployed. It will always earn you bread and butter throughout your life. Here the question arises how and when. It is believed that the monetary investment that parents do is to make their kids learn an additional language

The advantages are…

1. One who has mastery over English can opt for blog writer or content writer as their profession which is a good way to learn these days.
2. One of the most demanding professions is English home tuitions.
3. Translators’ jobs are one of the most interesting jobs, if travelling suits your interest, and also the job of a proofreader.
4. And of course migrating to English speaking nation (USA, Australia, UK, and Canada) is again one option for you.

So, the question lies in how well are you in speaking English and how wisely you use it to build your career from it.

Why teach Kids English at a young age!!

So why do we strongly recommend to teach kids English when they are young?

First of all, how did we learn our native (first) language or our mother tongue?

Did we learn all the grammar rules and regulations before started speaking or did we just start speaking?

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As a child, nobody taught us the pronunciation of different words, we just learned what we heard?

Nobody had given us any accent training when we were learning our first language.

It is a fact when we start exposing our child to the English language at an early age, they will learn more.

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Mastery over the Frustration of Language Learning

learn a Language

There comes a time when one is trying to learn a foreign language and feels not making any progress. He still makes mistakes; tries to speak in a foreign language with natives and feels embarrassed. Have you ever realized in that way? Have you ever realized that however hard you try and perform there is still a lot to learn? 

There is a point when you are really confused by the information that you received and do not know what is right or wrong? At that time you get annoyed and lose control; you get demoralized and you start thinking of not to learn the language anymore. Getting annoyed doesn’t help at all.

Language learning goes through different stages. At first, you’re very happy, energetic and enthusiastic with your new free-time job. You are satisfied that now you can greet, tell your name and introduce yourself. And people around you will start congratulating you on your success. After that, you will start working on more challenging things, more grammar is involved too and new vocabulary. 

At this point in time, the frustration stage comes. Beyond the basics, you need to learn some more complex ideas but here your intellect fails you. You know the formation of sentences; you have a good amount of vocabulary; but sometimes when you try to build a new sentence with what you know, it’s incorrect because you are missing some new grammar rules or because “that’s not the way we speak.” How come? How many things are still there to learn?

What to do at such moments? Here are some tips to follow:

Go through your goals: Was your goal to be a language expert in a year? This can only be achieved if you are learning a language that is related to your mother tongue or if you are a quick language learner, but most of the times this may be doubtful. Learning a language takes a lot of time and actually, it’s never-ending. Always remember, because we are still learning new words even in our mother tongue.

To improve pronunciation: Try to speak natural. Try to imitate what you hear and how words and sentences are being pronounced. Overcome the difficult sounds. Talk to yourself in front of the mirror by using complex words. Don’t worry if your family thinks you have gone mad.

Listen to music, watch a film, or read a book: I honestly believe this will encourage your confidence. Choose something quite easy – don’t shift straight to the Shakespeare’s books – and you will see yourself the improvement and you will be able to tell more or less what is this movie or book about. This will give you self-motivation.

And now last but not least, persevere: Our mind needs time to arrange the new information on track. Once it is arranged, you will experience a real change in terms of development. Don’t quit listening and learning; your mind gets all this data, but you will not feel it. Once it is prepared, you will be able to speak whatever you want without any hesitation.

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India seeks 15 lakh counselors for 315 million students

India needs 15 lakh counsellors for 315 million students

India is regarded as a counseling- deficit sector where 93% schools do not have a professional counselor in line. Career choice has become a major challenge for both students and parents, not only the pressure of competition but also increasing complexity of career and innovative technology in tense job market. A career option awareness survey among Indian students has revealed that 93% of the students aged between 14 to 21 were aware of only seven career options though there are over 250 different types of job options available in the country.

The concept of hiring professional counseling does not exist everywhere except the major cities where school counselors often has both a psychological and career counselor,” says Education Times columnist. She adds that Career agents calling themselves as career counselors without the required skills have also created the problem with most of the cases of uninformed career choices and new joiners quitting jobs in between due to less job satisfaction.

If one looks back at the times, there were very few career choices and most students followed in their parent’s profession as their own profession. While the job market and educational framework has gone through great transformation due to disruptive technology and increasing career options, the awareness for expert career advice has not kept swiftness.

It is felt that the big cities may not have ideal student to counselor ratio yet, but it is the smaller cities where the reach to professional career counselors is seriously lacking behind. Students in smaller cities are already given a vision from their very small age about specific careers which makes them unaware to other career options.

 AI and big data assessment are the tools which are not only helping in clearing the doubts ,but also taking the partiality out of educational counseling to do the right career choices for students, says co-founder and CEO, CollegeDekho.

Counselors should have such skills that they might be able to go beyond information derived from secondary sources. They need to be aware of new courses, careers and trends since what is trending today maybe not existing tomorrow. Despite of deficiency of well-qualified counselors, the counseling community has begun to meet up at conferences and discussions to learn from each other, all the ideas and suggestions are welcomed. Perhaps, a national institution and impalement of counselors would be a good step in creating best practices that may be referred and used.

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IITs 2800, NITs 3211: Vacant positions for faculty

IITs 2800 Positions for faculty

Few days ago, LOK SABHA was informed that around 2800 faculty positions, at 23 different IIT campuses, are lying vacant.

  “Sanctioned strength of faculty in IITs is 8,856, out of which 2,813 are lying vacant, rests are reserved,” Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’ informed the Lower House in a written reply.

He also added that out of 6,043 reserved faculties at IITs, in which 149 were for Scheduled Castes (SC) and 21 were for Scheduled Tribes (ST).

“And total strength of sanctioned non-faculty in IITs is 9,465, out of which 1,125 posts are reserved for SCs and 520 for STs. 888 posts are filled by SCs and 275 by STs, against this,” the Minister said.

Over and above, at National Institutes of Technology (NIT) out of 7,413 faculty positions, 3,211 are lying vacant.

“And total strength of sanctioned non-faculty in NITs is 7,413, out of which 721 are reserved for SCs and 380 for STs. 4,202 faculties are in position, out of which 404 are from SCs and 139 from STs, against this,” the Minister said.

He also added that out of 8163 sanctioned strength for non-faculty positions in NITs in which only 3,817 posts have been filled.

Minister said that the institutions should conduct special recruitment processes to fill these positions on priority.

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Why take IELTS with 1Point Solutions?

Why IELTS with 1PointSolutions

1Point Solutions is not just an institute, it’s your language trainer as well. Well qualified trainers at 1Point Solutions helps one become fluent in the language with interesting and practical tasks. Learner’s language acquisition is always on priority for them. 

It has various courses like Spoken English, Academics, Competitive exams, IELTS, Computer (Basic & Advance), GST, Tally etc.

1Point Solutions courses are planned to create Speaking Skills in English language for inspiring communication in daily conversation at work place, in society, at restaurants and airport etc. 

It also intends to cover the learning objectives of students in terms of knowledge, personality development, soft skills, workplace behaviour, power dressing, CV writing etc. 

1Point Solutions has always treated it’s students like a family and has worked for their overall development. Whole staff is supportive, cooperative and understanding. Team of 1Point Solutions is industrious, punctual, goal oriented and honest. YOUR success is our success.

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How can IELTS change Your Life?

A high IELTS score opens many opportunities whether you want to study, live or work abroad.  Band 7 is acceptable in every area that Australian universities and Canadian universities have to offer, from business to science and many others in-between, depending on one’s ambition. So, this may help one to accelerate their career, while also opens up doors for Australian skills migration.

Most businesses require employees across the sea to work in Australia to prove their proficiency in English with an IELTS Score. Students already appeared in the qualifications they need from their own country. After achieving the score they require, and they start working immediately.

One Indian student just appeared for IELTS, got a good band and started working in the accounting firm KPMG. Her English skills were so impressive, so the company offered her sponsorship and now she is staying in Australia and working for KPMG.

IELTS is done by applicants to migrate to Australia. A band score of 7 or above helps one to meet such requirements.  However, it needs to be remembered that IELTS results have the validity of two years and you will need to sit the test again.

It does not always help you maintain a high IELTS level if you have studied in your field at an academic institution for a period of time. 6.5 band might not be enough to enter a course such as a Masters of Civil Engineering,  for migration or skills registration,(7+)higher IELTS results are usually asked for.

These are a few of the possibilities and requirements in Australia. However, IELTS is also accepted and conducted in many countries around the world for education, migration and professional purposes.  Some take an IELTS test to gain academic credits for English subjects which are required for degrees studied in their native language.

Many people take IELTS for various reasons in most countries around the world. The first step is to work out your goals and aims, then research and take guidance which IELTS Score one needs to achieve them. Once you are done with the research and have this information, you can concentrate on studying hard in an IELTS Exam Preparation Course.

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Advantage of IELTS

Advantage of IELTS

IELTS helps you to enroll at a university or college, apply to business organizations, or register for a visa from government agencies in countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, or Canada, the IELTS test can help you to reach your education, career or life goals.

British council owns and manages the IELTS exam,  with the help of Cambridge English Language Assessment and IDP Education Australia. Listing some of the areas where IELTS hold importance and prove to be beneficial are-

• It is a worldwide accepted test for study abroad purposes. This exam is accepted in the US and in the UK, essential for studying. As a future international student, you will need to reveal that you are qualified and can complete a degree program taught in English, successfully.

• IELTS gives you a proof of your proficiency in English which is very essential if you want to work abroad. Different countries have different minimum band scores and one must obtain to ensure the acceptability

• Language is essential for survival in a foreign land. IELTS is marked to make certain the integration and is used for immigration tests by many government bodies. 

Therefore, IELTS holds much relevance and is useful in many fields like jobs in abroad, study abroad and immigration. A good score helps in reducing the work of a candidate to a great extent.

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Free education for girls announced by Punjab Govt.

free education for girls by punjab govt

Chief Minister of Punjab, Captain Amarinder Singh, has announced free of cost education for girls in all Government institutions from nursery to Ph.D.

The Punjab Government has also initiated to start pre-primary classes (nursery and LKG) in government schools from the next academic session, provided free Wifi across 13000 primary schools, and 48 Government Colleges and introduce free textbooks for students of government schools. The textbooks will be provided for free and will also be issued online which would help students and parents to download them for free.

The chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh said that the government will give first priority to education. In spite of limited resources, C. Singh said that he planned for giving utmost importance to school education by increasing the budget in the education sector.

According to the statistics of India 2011, the literacy rate in Punjab is 75.84% which is far better than the national average of 73.0%. The total number of literates count in Punjab is 1, 87, 07,137. The male literacy ratio is 80.44% and female literacy ratio is 70.73%.

The chief minister C.Singh had kept abreast another poll promise by enlarging reservation for women in local bodies to 50 percent from the existing 33 percent. All these programs may help the girls to get better lifestyles.

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